Wacky wild world wide web

17 November 2007

Search terms that led people here

Food and recipes
chocolate appetizers
chocolate sushi recipes [ed. note: um, ew.]
using applesauce in wacky cake
worldwide weird recipes

“doesn’t want to date anyone”
first date played miniature golf in silence
“great guy” no chemistry
Why Are Boys So Weird [ed. note: if only I knew…]
asked me to marry him second date
a guy hasn’t called me back in a week
“scare him off” “love talking to him”

is it ok to take 2 claritins? [ed. note: yes.]
funny stories of old married couples
mud wrestling [ed. note: heh.]
apt managers that wont listen
Control Freaks Torah


Wacky wild world wide web

23 September 2007

JDate e-mail of the day:

Subject: Favorite movie
What’s yours?

Mine is “Stripes.” Largely because of the female mud wrestling scene with John Candy taking on five women. Not just because it’s every guy’s dream to mud wrestle with five women, but…okay, it is because it’s every guy’s dream to mud wrestle with five women.

Have you ever tried mud wrestling?

Search terms that led people here:

shabbos dessert parve
parve pie recipes
pre plated appetizer recipe non dairy
parve chocolate mousse pie
impressive plated dessert recipes
cake still not cooked in the middle
if dairy went into pareve bowl
dinner menu for night before Yom Kippur
castles made out of chocolate cubes
castles for boys
why are boys so weird
he told me i was pretty before we met but
we dated briefly he hasn’t called in weeks
my girlfriend always wants to go out and
always feel on the verge of tears
starting over after broken engagement
is my field boring or just my job
my bed shakes
conservative microphone shabbat