Wacky wild world wide web

Search terms that led people here

Food and recipes
chocolate appetizers
chocolate sushi recipes [ed. note: um, ew.]
using applesauce in wacky cake
worldwide weird recipes

“doesn’t want to date anyone”
first date played miniature golf in silence
“great guy” no chemistry
Why Are Boys So Weird [ed. note: if only I knew…]
asked me to marry him second date
a guy hasn’t called me back in a week
“scare him off” “love talking to him”

is it ok to take 2 claritins? [ed. note: yes.]
funny stories of old married couples
mud wrestling [ed. note: heh.]
apt managers that wont listen
Control Freaks Torah


One Response to Wacky wild world wide web

  1. Scott says:

    Sorry to hear about E.G., his loss. To brighten your day, I came up with a search phrase that tops all the others on your list. If this “sport” becomes popular your site will be getting lots of hits. Your blog is the #6 search result for the statement:
    Mexican Chocolate Mud-Wrestling.

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