Someone to eat non-dairy cheese with

I think I forgot to mention it here before, but there’s a new man in my life. He makes me incredibly happy. He’s probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to me…well, at least to my apartment. I hired him to clean my apartment once a month, and yesterday was the second time he came, and HOLY COW it is awesome to come home to a sparkling apartment. Of course, now I’m going to spend the next few days living as neatly as I can, to make the sparkle last as long as possible…

…Oh, right, y’all probably don’t care about that; you want to hear about date #2 with Event Guy.

During our 2-hour marathon phone conversation, I mentioned that I vaguely wanted to hook my TV up to my stereo, but I’d never gotten around to getting the right cable. He explained that it’s a $2 cable, and he said he’d get me one and bring it with him when he picked me up on Wednesday. “Some guys bring flowers, but I know it’s all about the RCA cable,” he said. Well, he showed with the cable…and a single long-stemmed pink rose. Major points. (Enough points that he’s off the hook for being 15 minutes late with no explanation, apology, or phone call…)

We got to the theatre and realized it was basically our own private theatre — there was one other couple sitting several rows in front of us, and that was it. The movie was entertaining, and it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed Sarah Silverman in anything.

We went to Vivoli for dinner, then came back here and hung out until midnight. Date #3 is Saturday night; he’s making me dinner at his house, and I’m making him some sort of chocolate dessert (non-dairy, he’s allergic) that has to be so good he’ll prefer it to something fruity. Any suggestions? I have no idea yet what to make.


One Response to Someone to eat non-dairy cheese with

  1. Samantha says:

    So freaking excited for you sweetheart!!!

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