Exhiliration and exhaustion

That pretty much sums it up.

This is the first time I think I have ever had plans for all 6 meals of a three-day chag (which happens when you have 2 days of holiday on Wednesday night, Thursday, and Friday, followed immediately by Shabbat). In retrospect, one meal off would have been nice, just to have some downtime. My schedule the last few days:

Wednesday: left work at 2.30, got home around 3.15, finished all the things that need finishing, showered, went to shul from 6 until 7.45, got home, tried to figure out how the couple I invited to dinner from shul managed to get lost (they eventually found me; they’d turned down the wrong street), had a lovely dinner with lovely guests from about 8.30 until I kicked people out somewhere around 11.45, cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher, then found that something was leaking under my kitchen sink, took everything out of the cabinet, put a towel down, tried not to freak out, and collapsed into bed.

Thursday: left a message for my apartment manager begging him to have a plumber look at my sink/dishwasher that day since I was having 10 people over for lunch on Friday, went to shul from 9 til almost 2 (seriously!) and led Torah service in the middle, went to a friend’s for lunch that was called for 2 p.m. but actually started around 2.45 because apparently all the first day RH services in LA went late this year, left lunch around 4.45, found out that the plumber would come at noon on Friday, assembled the strawberry trifle listed in the last post, moved furniture around and did some prep work for my lunch on Friday, went to shul from 6.45 until about 8.30 (and was asked to lead Ma’ariv, which was nice), went to dinner, left “early” around 10.30 because I couldn’t keep my eyes open, did some more prep work for my lunch, and collapsed into bed.

Friday: shul from 9 til 1.10 (led Musaf; afterwards the rabbi told me that my leading was beautiful and my pacing was excellent, and she might want me to lead Musaf on Yom Kippur), got home by 1.30 which left me plenty of time to get ready for my lunch which was called for 2.15, except that one guest was waiting for me already (he’d “forgotten” that I’d called it for 2.15, sigh), found evidence that the plumber had been there (a plastic doohickey in the sink) but no sign of whether things were fixed or not, had lunch with lots of nice people until the last folks left around 4.45, cleaned up (yay for paper plates!), took a 15-minute nap, carried the approximately 80-pound trifle (seriously, what was I thinking?) about 2/3 of a mile to my friend’s house, went to shul from 6.30 til maybe 7.45, went to dinner, left at 11, and collapsed into bed.

Saturday: slept in til 8.20, bagged up leftover salatim (hummus, eggplant dip, etc.) and grapes to take to shul for kiddush, bagged up whipped cream and berries required for assembling the pavlova at my friend’s house for lunch (she’d taken the pavlova base home with her from my lunch on Friday), went to shul (led Musaf), went to lunch, left early because cold + cat = sneezy sneezy sneezy, came home and reveled in the fact that I don’t have to cook, bake, or lead a service for several days! I spent the afternoon reading a few accumulated Wall Street Journals (plus all the articles my Dad clipped for me from the week when I suspended my subscription while I was studying for my exam), and now I’m catching up a bit on TiVo and trying to stay awake until 10.

In preparation for the cat, I took 2 Claritins this morning (I think they’re 5 mg each) and 2 fake sudafeds. A little while ago (so nearly 12 hours later) I took a dose of Tylenol cold (or something like it, it wasn’t labeled) which has proven much more effective than the morning meds (which is to say, the cold medicine was somewhat effective, whereas the morning meds could have been M&M’s for all the effect they had).

Tomorrow I am going to Santa Monica for Tashlich, then meeting with the rabbi at shul to go over some Yom Kippur stuff. And I am NOT cooking or baking anything at all.

PE (the cool minyan) is having a Yom Kippur break-fast potluck. A friend who was part of my meal-crowd for the last few days is also one of their organizers. She asked me if I would mind making the same cookies I made for their potluck Shabbat dinner a few weeks ago. I told her I could definitely make those cookies with no trouble, and I confessed what they were. She cracked up and said she’d keep my secret.


One Response to Exhiliration and exhaustion

  1. Samantha says:

    Um, I am EXHAUSTED just reading about your weekend. WOW! You are officially a domestic goddess. Thank you for feeding me for one of your many meals!

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