It’s a beautiful day. The heat wave has broken, and last night it was actually cold enough in my apartment that I needed a comforter for the first time since about May. And I even needed the extra comforter as a jelly roll to keep my feet warm.

I got a last-minute invitation to Shabbat dinner last night. One of the guys at dinner works in sports radio, and it turns out that until this past week, when his job changed, he was the assistant to one of the DJs I listened to in high school, who is now a very spiritual guy. The DJ’s name is David Stein. I slept in today and practiced Rosh HaShanah musaf instead of going to shul. (It made sense in my mind.) Then I went to lunch at the home of friends I haven’t seen often in the last year, though they only live about a block and a half away from me. The husband’s sister was at lunch, and mentioned that her husband, who is ordained as a rabbi, is now becoming an actuary, and he works at my company for a woman I know. His name, too, is David Stein. An interesting confluence of events…

As for that stunning realization I alluded to last weekend…you know how sometimes you’re in a room that’s perfectly quiet, and then after a while, the refrigerator stops humming, and the quiet deepens? You thought it was quiet before, but now the silence is just more complete, more profound, even. Well, I thought I was mostly at peace with everything that happened with my ex, but now — it’s a more profound peace. I am blessed.


2 Responses to Peacefulness

  1. Beth says:

    Did I ever tell you that I’ve seen David Stein (the dj not your neighbor) in his boxer briefs? He locked himself out of his room at the hotel and I had to rescue him.

    I’m glad you are at peace with the past. The future is bright and full of possibility!

  2. Samantha says:

    So happy for you that you have found some peace sweetie.

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