Labor Day laziness

Tuesday night’s date with G1 was fine, though I was a bit surprised when he started explaining how his sense of right and wrong have nothing to do with G-d or Judaism, and he sees himself as a secular humanist. Sure. But he seemed like a nice guy, and I’d probably go out with him again.

Points in his favor: 1) He called in the afternoon to confirm and said that although we’d originally planned to meet for a drink, he wouldn’t have a chance to have dinner before meeting me since at the last minute, he had to go to a work event, so we planned to have dinner in addition to the drink. 2) He called 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet and said he’d be 10 minutes late because his work event ran late. 3) Turns out he lives about 3/4 of a mile from me, and since he knew I’d walked to the bar/restaurant, he offered me a ride home, and opened the car door for me.

Points against him: 1) The secular humanist thing. What is that? 2) When he dropped me off, he pulled away before I got halfway across the street. I hate that. I always wait for my friends to get inside before I leave…that ought to go doubly so for a date.

It’s been a glorious long weekend with my parents, despite the heat. Lots and LOTS of good food, though not-so-great service. Lots of quality time with the folks (interspersed with long stretches of studying, of course), and an absolutely stunning realization which I’m going to try to put down in words sometime soon. Hopefully before the High Holidays, but that may be an impossible dream.

When I was growing up, my family bonded by reading. We’d all sit in the family room, reading our books, the silence occasionally punctuated by, “What does this word mean?” And it was always a mark of pride for us kids when one of us could answer that question.

Now, apparently, we bond by computer. My parents brought their laptops, and all three of us have sat around happily playing on the ‘net, checking e-mail, and sending each other interesting links. Yay for technology.


One Response to Labor Day laziness

  1. Samantha says:

    Good food with the folks is always a good thing, even with lackluster service. LOL @ secular humanist!

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