Both ends of the candle

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I’m sitting for some more exams related to my field. I’m taking the first in a week and a half. So I’ve been getting up super-early and going into work to study for an hour and a half or so before I offiicially start “working,” then studying at home in the evenings, and so on. I’ve tried to go to bed early, but I end up lying awake for hours, not falling asleep until 12 or 1 a.m. Shocker: as of Friday night, I think I’m getting a cold. Sigh.

I had to switch my JDate from last Sunday night to Monday night instead, because of a meeting at shul I’d forgotten. The date ended up going pretty well; he’s a nice guy and I do plan to go out with him again. Let’s call him Tutor Boy, since he’s a tutor.

Then there’s a JDate guy with whom I’ve been exchanging great e-mails. He loves to cook and likes to bake, whereas I like to cook and love to bake, so he has already suggested that when we get around to meeting in person, he’ll make me dinner, and I’ll make dessert. He’ll be Event Guy for now, since I think he’s an event planner.

There’s another JDate guy I’ve been e-mailing, and we are meeting for a drink on Tuesday night. He’s my last date before my exam, I think. I don’t know what he does for a living, but he has the same first name as my brother-in-law. We’ll call him G1.

Why G1, you ask? Because a friend of mine e-mailed me that he’d like to set me up with someone…who also shares my brother-in-law’s first name. So he’ll be G2.

And then there’s the Russky — a very sweet Russian guy whom I met at my last job. We had one date, ages and ages ago; he’s lovely, but I didn’t feel any chemistry at all. We had dinner a couple times after that – not dates, just friendly get-togethers. He used to work at my current company, so when I left Old Job to start New Job, he took me out to tell me about the folks in my department. Anyway, we hadn’t been in touch for at least a year, I’d say, but he called out of the blue and would like to have dinner with me. He said he’d call before my exam to wish me luck and make actual plans.

So. Lots of potential in the air. And it only takes one, as they say. (Or two, in my case…)

And now, for your amusement (and mine), here’s a smattering of JDate e-mails I’ve received lately:

ah we were a match made in heaven
I am a high school physical education teacher

Subject: hot
Message: little miss jen garner look alike

Are you open to something different? I am not a Jew, but I do find many similarities between the Jewish and Chinese cultures to make me sign up on JDate.

My girlfriends put me on J date because they were tired of the Non Jewish women getting the good-looking Jewish guys. They said most of the guys on J date were either not honest or dorky! I have heard some pretty funny stories.
[Note: this is from a guy who didn’t post a photo with his profile…]


3 Responses to Both ends of the candle

  1. Scott says:

    I have to reply about the emails.

    1. If Heaven is a place where God sets up intelligent people with phys. ed. teachers,
    perhaps you should start sinning a whole lot more.
    2. Reply: Shift Key
    Message: Learn to use it.
    3. You know when I think to myself, “Who has suffered as much as the Jews?” First
    thing to come to mind, the Chinese. I think you should reply to this one just to find
    out how he feels the Chinese and Jewish culture are alike.
    4. Why are your “girlfriends” not dating you?

  2. Samantha says:

    I really don’t get why people do not put a picture up. The “shy/embarrassed about online dating” thing is old. Everyone is doing it now. Sheesh! Did he even offer to send you a picture?

  3. Stacey says:

    Sounds like some real potential there! Good luck w/the exams, too. And P.S. You are WAY prettier then Jen Garner!

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