Of iPhones and laughter

When I first met F. (this guy), one of the things I noticed about him is that he’s always laughing. I actually had a dream the other night that he came over and asked me why I’d asked him out, and part of my response was, “Because you laugh a lot, and I could use more laughter in my life.”

He called me back this evening, and from the laughter in his voice I was pretty sure this was going to be a good phone call. (It was.) He told me he was calling me from his new iPhone, and we spent a few minutes chatting about how one justifies (to oneself) spending $200 to break one’s contract with a different carrier, not to mention $499 on the phone itself…good stuff.

He said his life is still craziness — he was super-busy at work last week and still is this week (he’s in the industry, working on a film) but he will do his best to be free Saturday night at 8. He said he’d call Friday afternoon to finalize the plans, but said that until he’s a bit more sure that he’ll be able to get away Saturday night, he won’t spend time figuring out anything for us to do. He did encourage me to think about it, if I wanted to take a break between this and that.

Now, I have no problem coming up with something — I’m actually thinking of drinks at a fabulous hotel lounge on the 3rd Street Promenade (possibly dinner there, too, or else somewhere else along the Promenade) — and technically, I did ask him out, even if it did take him eight days to say yes. My question is, since I did the asking (and since I’m quite willing to do the planning) — shall I also do the paying? I’m happy to pay, I just don’t know if it would come across as weird or desperate or emasculating…or perhaps, it would just come across as perfectly normal, and I am once again over-thinking. Your thoughts?

(P.S. – no word at all from D. Which is perfectly alright by me.)

update: Date is now Sunday at 7.30. He has to work on Saturday and is afraid he’ll end up having to work pretty late, and doesn’t want to have to cancel on me last-minute. And his suggestion for dinner is a restaurant he mentioned to me months ago, which he says has the best pizza in the world.


One Response to Of iPhones and laughter

  1. Scott says:

    I think if you explain it to him that since you planned the night, you insist on paying. I do not think that would come off as desperate, weird, or be emasculating.

    Do you go to the Harry Potter movies, or do you just read the books? I have reread the series a few times before other books, like book 4 and 5. I do not think I will be doing it this time around. With the movies, it gets ruined if I have read the book and they leave out things I thought was important. As B. told you, we will need to discuss book 7 after we are done, you will probably finish ahead of me though.

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