A most peculiar man


Got to D.’s last night at 7, and we ordered Chinese food, then he asked me to scroll through his DVR and see if there were any TV shows I wanted to watch. Well, we don’t overlap that much — I’d have re-watched some of Studio 60, but he’s woefully behind and I’m finished, and he didn’t want to do that. I don’t watch any of the MTV shows (Real World, etc.); I don’t watch any reality TV, really (Age of Love, etc.), so I wasn’t too intererested in the options he had. But he owns hundreds of DVDs, and had mentioned in a previous conversation that he likes romantic comedies, and that in particular, I really shouldn’t live another day without seeing “Love, Actually,” so we watched that.

Now. We sat on his couch, on our third date, watching a romantic comedy. And yet, there was absolutely zero physical contact — not once did his hand brush mine, not once did our shoulders or knees even touch as we sat next to each other. It’s not that I expected him to go all caveman and drag me by the hair to his bedroom, but a kiss on the cheek, or a moment of holding hands, or an arm around my shoulders — any of those would have indicated that he did actually have a more-than-platonic interest in me. He said that he would call me before Sunday, and if he does, I’m somewhat tempted to ask, “Are you interested in me romantically, or do you just want to hang out as friends?” Would that be an awful thing to say?


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