Boys are weird.

Shocking epiphany, isn’t it?

D. and I had date #2 on Sunday 17 June. We played mini-golf, which was much fun, then drove through the Valley and Beverly Hills as he pointed out sites of interest to his life (his high school, his parents’ house, his shul), then hung out at my place for a bit.

Strange things about him:

* He is really into sports. Like, when we got to my place, he asked if he could turn on the U.S. Open (on mute) just so he could keep apprised of what was happening.

* He doesn’t eat much in terms of quantity or variety. He told me he eats like a six-year-old (i.e., he’s very picky), though I haven’t actually observed this myself. That’s partly because I’ve only observed him eating one meal, and that was at a restaurant that he’d chosen. Our second date started at 10.30 in the morning and ended at 2.30 in the afternoon, and the only food involved was a bottle of water and a bite of churro each. The instant he left, I jumped up and made myself lunch. I’d asked/hinted about lunch while we were out, but he didn’t seem interested in going to a restaurant since mini-golf in the Valley heat had left us “glowing,” if you will. Could be an interesting new diet: Lose weight by dating a guy who doesn’t eat.

* He goes to bed really early. He called tonight at 10, which I found shocking because I thought he’d be asleep by then. We talked ’til almost 10.30, and by the end he was so out of it, I couldn’t help but laugh.

* He doesn’t drink. Which isn’t so weird, I suppose, it’s just not what I’m used to in a guy. But at least this one won’t get drunk and make an asinine fool of himself at my best friend’s wedding. (Of course, he couldn’t anyway, since my best friend is, y’know, already married. But you get the point.)

And the other strange thing is, in the six weeks since we met at the hurry-date thing, we’ve had two dates. Even if you start the clock at our first date, it’s been three weeks and only two dates. Our schedules have just been incompatible — I had the business trip to Iowa and then the weekend in Canada to grade exams, and he’s had various crises (a friend of his from high school died; then he had to take his father to the hospital for a kidney stone; etc.). And he keeps wanting me to come over to watch TV at his place. He’d invited me last week, but then had to cancel two nights in a row because of the aforementioned crises; he was busy in the early part of this week, and I’m busy now since R. and J. are staying with me over the weekend before they move, and I am cooking up a storm for Shabbat dinner in their honor (recipe post to come). I’d been thinking of asking if he wanted to get together on July 4th, but when we chatted tonight he mentioned that at his friend’s funeral yesterday, somehow his mother invited his friends to their (his parents’) house for July 4th. So much for that idea. He said I should call him on Sunday after my friends leave, and — you guessed it — maybe I could come over to his place and watch TV.

So. He’s a lot of fun to talk to, and I enjoy spending time with him. But I like cooking and baking and sharing good meals with good wine…and he doesn’t really seem to be into any of that. And while I don’t stay out ’til 3 a.m. routinely, I do stay up until 11-ish during the week, and there are plenty of Saturday nights when I’m out past 1 or 2. So I am wondering how compatible we are. But maybe I’m over-thinking. (Heaven knows it wouldn’t be the first time.)

And I haven’t told him about my ex yet. I don’t know when or how to have that conversation. With the JDate guys I went out with in December and January, it somehow naturally became a second-date conversation. But that hasn’t happened this time, and I sort of feel like I’m lying by not bringing it up, but then again we haven’t had any discussion of past relationships yet.

I feel somewhat off-kilter. Maybe boys aren’t the only ones who are weird, come to think of it…


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