Things are looking up…

New department gets awesome-r every day. And today I actually contributed — my coworker asked me to review a sample form before we sent it out to be submitted for regulatory approval in the Pacific Rim. I happened to notice that “Amount We’re Asking Client to Pay” was actually less than “Minimum Amount Required,” which is listed in a footnote. That caused a bit of a mad scramble until we concluded that the “Minimum Amount Required” was a number with no basis in reality, and when we did the actual calculations, it came out to something less than “Amount We’re Asking Client to Pay,” and all was well in the world again.

And tonight, I had a good first date with D. Much fun. We talked about sports — he’s into ALL of them (playing and watching), and I’m…um…not. And when I mentioned that basketball is the one sport I’ve never had any interest in, ever, he said, “So, you’re not upset that we’re here during the first game of the NBA playoffs?” And, naturally, it turns out that he loves basketball. D’oh. But I redeemed myself when I told him that I still missed The West Wing — that’s still his favorite show, and it actually inspired his brief stint in politics (he spent about a year working on a couple of failed presidential campaigns).

I have always wanted to have a date call me immediately after the date and say something like, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I just called to say good-night again.” And yes, I fully realize that if the wrong guy did that, it would come across as creepy or desperate or whatever. Hey, I never said that my “wants” made any sense.

Well…after a nearly two-hour dinner, he walked me to my car and gave me a quick hug and said he’d call…and about two minutes later, he called. Of course, what he said was, “I knew you’d never sleep tonight without knowing the outcome, so I just wanted to tell you that the Spurs won game one of the playoffs tonight.” He was lots of fun on the date, and he was at least interested enough to call me moments after the date, so I’m taking that as a good sign.

(Here’s hoping I’m not jinxing myself by writing about what a good date it was, and how happy I am. I do recall what happened the last time I wrote something like that on a blog…)


2 Responses to Things are looking up…

  1. Beth says:

    But is he a Yankees fan? You need to ask the crucial sports questions!

    I’m glad you had fun and I think it’s cute that he called to let you know the outcome of the game.

    You really need to find out which baseball team he roots for, you can’t be dating a Yankees fan.

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