Catching up

Seeing my bestest friend was as wonderful as always. And now I’m the proud owner of a t-shirt that says, “Everyone loves an Irish girl,” which will be useful next time I have to go undercover as an Irish lass.

I’d emailed with Dr. X last Wednesday and said my schedule for this week was pretty open, so perhaps we could get together. He called last night – nearly a week later – and was surprised to learn that actually, I didn’t have time anymore. I have exams to grade this week, plus I already have plans for Thursday night, and next week I’m going to be on a business trip in the Midwest. He was less than thrilled, but we will try to make plans for the week after next, when I’m back in town. I’ve noticed that he is easily irritated — before, it was because it took a few rounds of phone tag for us to connect on the phone, and this time it was because my schedule had booked up.

I also e-mailed last week with D. from the speed-dating event, and he is my aforementioned plan for Thursday evening. He called and left a friendly-sounding message yesterday to firm up the details, which ended with his saying that he was looking forward to seeing me; we chatted later in the evening and settled on a place and time. I hadn’t heard of the restaurant, and about 5 minutes after we’d hung up — when I was talking to Dr. X, who was already getting into a snit — he e-mailed me the name, address, and cross-streets for the restaurant, and reiterated that he was really looking forward to our date. So at the moment, my hopes are higher for D. than for Dr. X.

The new job continues to be better than the old job, simply by virtue of the fact that my new department is far friendlier than my old one. I’m still learning and not actually contributing much, but I think I’m making progress. And the trip next week is for some of the upper managers from LA to train new folks at our operations centre, and they figured I needed training, too, so that’s why I’m coming along. Hopefully soon after I return, I will be up-to-speed enough to be able to do some real work.


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