Day one, or One day at a time

Today was my first day at the new job. It was fine — not particularly good or particularly bad. I had to run down to my old spot to move something from my computer’s hard drive to a network drive so I could access it from my new computer. While I was there, Miss Congeniality (my coworker who’s a major reason why I left the department) walked by my cube twice, on her way to and from the water bubbler. And she didn’t say a word. Not “hi,” not “back so soon?,” not a single word. Whatever.

One of my closest friends, G. — the one I stayed with in D.C. before the AIPAC conference — came to visit over the long weekend. Much fun, and a much-needed break from reality. I introduced him to R. and J. (my best LA friend and her husband, who are soon moving to the DC area), and now G. and R. are plotting to kidnap me and take me to DC so they can both hang out with me a lot more often.

Oh, and I cooked what was meant to be Friday night dinner, but ended up being Saturday dinner since G.’s plane was over-full and he got bumped…so instead of arriving at 7.30 Friday evening, he got in at 1.30 Saturday morning. At any rate, I made:

penne alla vodka — next time, I will let the vodka reduce for more like 8-10 minutes, rather than 2-3 minutes, since the taste of the vodka was very strong; and

mushroom-artichoke gratin – started from this recipe but was too lazy to stuff the mushrooms, so instead I sliced them and tossed them in with the other ingredients, in an 8×8 pan, and baked for, I dunno, 15 to 20 minutes? Then I broiled it for 5 or 6 minutes to brown the cheese. I skipped the nutmeg since I didn’t have any, and used dried parsley instead of fresh. Oh, and I used half the recipe. If you used the whole recipe, you’d want a 9×13 pan, and you’d probably want to bake (and perhaps broil) a bit longer.

Monday night I had a first date with Dr. X, one of my speed-dating matches. It was fun, though it got a bit awkward when he asked about my political views, and we quickly realized we’re on rather opposite sides of the spectrum. But he did e-mail me last night to say he’d had a good time and he’d like to “hang out soon,” to which I responded that I also had a good time and would love to meet up again. We shall see.

And this weekend, I will see my bestest friend in the world, for the first time since her wedding. VERY exciting. And maybe the next weekend, I will catch up on sleep. I hope.


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