My job is stultifying. My brain has been atrophying since pretty much day one of this job, which was 31 October 2005. I more-or-less ran the same model every day for my first seven or eight months, then had an informal review with my boss where he explained that he thought I was underperforming because I was bored, and I allowed that yes, running the same model every day for seven or eight months was not what I considered interesting. He implied that he would try to get me more involved in more interesting things, which translated to…I spent the next eight or so months playing with the same four or five spreadsheets. Then I had my annual review, in which my boss expressed surprise that I was still not particularly motivated. We agreed that perhaps my skills (and interests) would be best-suited to a position elsewhere within the company. Slowly, slowly, though…wouldn’t want to rush these things, of course. I finally met with my boss’s boss and had a great discussion with him about my strengths, my interests, my work style, my goals, etc. My boss, in the meantime, had put me on a project that calls for interaction with a woman who does work I’m quite interested in, and the two of us were scheduled to attend a meeting in Texas with folks from various sister companies owned by our parent company, next Tuesday (fly out Monday, fly back Tuesday night).

My boss’s boss (B.) pulled me onto a project of his, for which I attended a meeting on Friday. He and another senior executive type decided the next step for this project was for them to go meet with someone in…Texas. I would have called in for that meeting, but when B. remembered that I would be in Texas anyway, he said, “If I can schedule this meeting for Wednesday morning, would you mind staying over an extra night in Texas so you can come to the meeting in person?” I thought about it for, oh, a nanosecond, and acquiesced. He had his admin assistant revise my flight and hotel arrangements. Things are finally looking up at work, and I am grateful.

And this trip to Texas is also a chance to meet the only person who reads this blog whom I have never met in person. Stacey, I’m looking forward to it.

Today my Young Adults group had a Shabbat lunch at shul. We invited everyone to join us at one of the minyans in the shul, which the Rabbi who’s involved with our group was leading. I found out that my ex was scheduled to read Torah (as was I), though he was not on the RSVP list for the lunch. I meant to e-mail him to ask him if he’d at long last return my college sweatshirt, but I didn’t get a chance.

Well. He did, in fact, show up at shul. I know that at least once or twice in the last few months, he’s been assigned to leyn (read Torah) and simply not shown up, so I was glad he didn’t flake this time. After services, he came up to me and said, “Hi. I haven’t seen you in a long time.” “Yes, that’s true.” He asked how I was, told me that work has been one crisis after another, and that in fact he was going to have to rush out to work as soon as we were finished talking. He said I looked good, and I thanked him. Before I could even ask him about getting my sweatshirt back, he said, “Y’know, I think I have your sweater in my car.” (I have noticed that every time we have discussed this, he calls it a sweater. I think he honestly doesn’t know the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt. California boys…) He agreed to drop it off at the Security desk for me, so that I could pick it up after lunch. And then we said good-bye, and that was that.

He actually did follow through and drop off the sweatshirt. It was filthy, which was definitely not the case the last time I saw it. I did laundry today and it’s still dirty, so I will have to treat it with Spray & Wash and try again. But now, perhaps, that chapter is finally, fully, completely closed.


One Response to Achievements

  1. Stacey says:

    He gave it back to you…..dirty??? How TACKY! I am soooo excited to meet you during your trip to my city! Woohoo! And I’m glad things are looking up at work. Safe travels!

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