Just like starting over

It’s spring, at least in sunny Southern California. This past weekend, walking to and from shul, was the first time this year that I was aware of the scent of flowers. It’s like a rebirth, I suppose. Fitting, in so many ways.

I’m proud of myself. I’ve taken some chances, and although things haven’t worked out the way I would have liked in every case, I have learned some important things about myself. And I have realized — and really started to internalize — that I do, in fact, deserve to be with someone who loves me and cherishes me as much as I love and cherish him. So that’s progress.

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks. Friday 9 March I left for DC to see a dear friend and attend the AIPAC Policy Conference, which was amazing. (I just ordered Michael Oren‘s new book, because he was such an incredible speaker.) Got back last Tuesday night, and spent the next couple of days cooking, baking, and cleaning. Friday night I had half a dozen people over for dinner (recipes to come in a later post) in honor of a friend from New York who stayed with me over Shabbat. She left Sunday morning. Then I pulled on a sparkly dress that I don’t know if I’ve worn more than once — for my sister’s wedding in 1996 — and went to a friend’s wedding. And there I met a guy who lives in Northern California who said before he left, “I’d love to ask you out, but you live here, and I live there.” I pointed out that “here” and “there” weren’t so far apart, and noted that he had, in fact, managed to come down to LA for the weekend. He was surprised to realize this, but I think I’ve convinced him that thanks to Southwest, it’s not so daunting a prospect. We’ll see.


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