Shabbat dinner

Super-easy recipes, impressive-looking meal.

Feta Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms, slightly modified:

  • Did not add any oil (olives and red peppers had plenty of their own)
  • I found that each 13-ounce can contained 4 or 5 artichoke bottoms, so I used 3 cans.

Butternut squash soup from a box, with pureed butternut squash added in, with a generous sprinkling of curry powder.

Salad of watercress leaves, mandarin oranges, and hearts of palm.

Super-easy ceviche
1 pound white trout, halibut, or other white fish (filleted)
1 red onion, diced
1-2 cups lemon juice
1 cucumber, diced

Cut fish into bite-sized pieces. Mix fish and onion in a glass baking pan (i.e., shallow non-reactive dish). Pour enough lemon juice over the mixture to cover it, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate at least 8 hours, up to 24 hours. Occasionally uncover and turn pieces over (or, forget to do that). Add more lemon juice if you feel like it.

When ready to prepare: carefully drain the lemon juice from the pan. Add diced cucumber to the mix, toss to mix well. Divide mixture evenly among four martini glasses. Cover with plastic wrap and put back into refrigerator. Before serving, garnish with cilantro.

Chocolate mousse
1 c chocolate chips
1 (12.5-ounce or so) package firm silken tofu
1 tsp vanilla
1 c fat-free whipped cream, thawed

Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave for 1 minute; stir until fully melted.
Squish the tofu in your hands (or cut it into small pieces) and put it in the blender. Add vanilla. Blend until well-mixed.
Add chocolate, and blend until well-mixed.
Add whipped cream, and blend into well-mixed.
Pour into bowl or into individual ramekins. Refrigerate at least 2 hours, or up to a couple of days (cover it if it will be more than a few hours).

Top with berries if desired, and/or serve each with a pirouette.


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